Our composite kitchen sinks are in accordance with TSE Standard; In case of contact with solid objects such as pots, teapots, hot glasses at 180 ° C, boiled water or liquid spillage (provided that it is not acidic like vinegar), hot food (fried meat, etc.) is put on it there is no deformation or color change on the surface of the sink As with all types of sinks, subjecting the sink to a flaming heat source causes deformation and discoloration on the sink.


Our composite sinks are not affected by boiling water at a temperature of 100 ° C, either as deformation or as a change in color.



As a result of putting burnt matches on our washers, there is no color change or melting and deformation.

The burning of the burning match alone for a long time in the same place can damage the surface.

Our composite sinks do not cause any deformation or color change due to the burning of objects such as burning matches or paper. a wad of paper was completely burned inside the composite sink.

When the sink was cleaned after the papers were extinguished, there was no deformation or color change in the area where the paper was burned.