About Us


Dear Customer,

Since 2017, we have been producing KITCHEN SINKS FROM COMPOSITE MATERIAL under the brand name ”GRAPOSITE” in our factory located in Istanbul / Pendik.

Having a knowledge and experience of 15 years, our company today is one of the leading companies in formulation and production of composite material products.

Infact, our company’s core businness is the production of moulds for production of materials made of composite material.

We are making the design, chemical formulation, mould production and moulding of COMPOSITE MATERIAL KITCHEN SINKS 100 % ourselves in our own factory.

We are making our productions in full obedience to the requirements of Turksih Standart Institute and without any hazard to our environment.

We have the ambition to make our customers make use of the advantages and superiorities of our composite kitchen sinks in comparison to the granite and stainless steel sinks.

We are in your service for production of moulds and products made from composite material in all kinds.

We express our greetings from Turkey to all human beings on the world .